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ANI117B- Camicazi in How to Train Your Dragon by Keeterz
ANI117B- Camicazi in How to Train Your Dragon
This is the final result of the character design project in my visual development class at San Jose State University! Our assignment was to take an animated feature film, design a new character, and composite that design into a still of the film. I figured, since Camicazi didn't quite make the cut in the movie, why not take a stab at what she would have looked like if Simon Otto and Nico Marlet worked their magic on her? So, here is the final composite of my take on Camicazi, painted on top of a still from the first dragon training sequence in the film. This shot felt appropriate, so I figured why not?

Pulling off the exact look of the movie was probably the hardest part of this final piece. Even though the characters are simplified and somewhat cartoony, there are very slight nuances in the form, and the fact that the lighting is somewhat diffuse in this shot made it that much harder. Plus the textures! The god-dang textures! Yeah...many hours of sleep were lost in the production of this single image.

More info here:…
Fifth Element Environment Design by Keeterz
Fifth Element Environment Design
Final illustration for the Fitfth Element project in my advanced visual development class, ANI117B. My goal was to design what a potential Chinese reboot would look like (i.e. a Chinatown sort of setting).

I’m definitely really happy with how it came out. I feel like I’ve leveled up a lot in painting finishes, perspective, and atmosphere. There is still more embellishing I want to do before I put this into my portfolio, but overall I felt like I hit a good stopping point for a project turn in so I’d get some good feedback from my professor.

(DISCLAIMER: any Chinese characters in the scene probably don't mean anything. I know I'm as terrible as Luc Bessen. I'm a horrible Chinese person, lol.)
.Emote Character Concepts by Keeterz
.Emote Character Concepts
No comic yet, unfortunately. For now, have some character concepts! Robots and digital avatars, my kind of stuff :D
[TEASER] .EMOTE() by Keeterz
And once again, deviantArt's system befuddle me in how bad they are.

Anyhow, here's a little bit of a teaser for a short comic that I have been working on in the past few weeks for a distance learning program that comic artist Nathan Fox has been doing at my school. The comic is almost complete; there are just a few revisions that need to be made. I will be posting the finished comic in a couple of weeks or so!

Check out Nathan's art here:


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Currently attending SJSU for Animation/Illustration
So, I've decided that this gallery needed some trimming. Too much old stuff that don't reflect the quality of work I am able to achieve now. I may migrate all of those to my old account, just so I can have them online at the off-chance that someone actually wants to look at them, but for now I'm streamlining this gallery so there is at least some sense of cohesion in craft.

This is not to say that I've burned the old works forever. I still have a lot of my old works archived, just to see how far I've gone (and some of them make me want to gouge my eyes out); it's just that, for the sake of professionalism, they have to go.

In the meantime, I've post up a art-dump that consists of digital painting studies I did for class and screencap speedpaints I did on my spare time. I don't really feel like posting them all here, so you can take a look at my blog:…

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